Your key market differentiator is human potential: Realize it.



We help our clients increase their profits by optimizing their total cost of workforce. We equip teams with practical work skills and processes, including tools to help them continuously learn and self-assess their progress. This culture of learning agility is critical to retain and attract great people, promote healthy communities and sustain your success into the future.


End-to-end Solutions

We solve your problems. We assess our client's situation and then use team-based coaching and workshops. We engage people, unleash their abilities, and help them measurably improve culture and productivity.

     Our 'Realizing Human Potential Methodology'TM

          Exploring: Situational awareness interviews with key client stakeholders

          Targeting: Intentionally design solutions to align intangibles to program goals and P&L

          Activating: Launch project, promote objectives, establish participant viewpoints

          Experiential Training: Deliver blended learning via 1:1 coaching and group workshops

          Reporting: Participants present their learning & improved outcomes to key stakeholders


Advising, Training, Coaching

We listen. For short-term problems, our advisors offer practical, actionable advice. For complex or long-term issues, we collaborate with clients to seek root causes and address those effectively. Our coaches use incisive questions and non-judgmental listening to help our clients craft well-formed outcomes and stay accountable to themselves.



We help your people. We facilitate group sessions of any size for your workplace based on our extensive experience providing practical solutions. These include:

  • Scouting "A" Players Who are Game-Changers
  • Exceptional Service to Deliver Value
  • The Six Competencies of Business Success
  • The FORGE of Creative Problem-Solving
  • Reading Human Emotions
  • Strong Relationships for Effective Collaboration
  • Clarifying Others' Perspectives For Agreement
  • Aligning Personalities for One Goal
  • The 3R's of Business: Relationships & Recognition = Retention
    Corralling Chaos Co-Founders and Managing Partners  

    iMac HD:Users:Ted:Desktop:Ted head medium.jpgTed Benson is a biotechnology and management consultant with 20 years of experience turning scientific ideas into biopharma growth and revenue. He has closed over $3 million in contracts by driving business development, and built and managed innovation groups across international companies. Ted successfully led a worldwide strategy team for cultural transformation at a global Fortune 500 company. He has co-authored over a dozen peer-reviewed scientific papers, and is a co-inventor on four patents. An innovator at three biotech start-ups and three large pharma companies, Ted is a proven problem-solver who coaches people to deliver business-critical solutions.


    iMac HD:Users:Ted:Desktop:Jerel head medium.jpgJerel Bonner is the author of "Sharpening China's Talent" and a TEDx speaker. He is an 'Employee Engagement' consultant who has been advising and coaching senior level executives and managers of employees working for multinational corporations in China for over 10 years. His consulting agency generated close to 2 Million RMB in gross sales. Jerel has over 1500 hours of coaching experience, built on the foundational conviction that relationship and expertise power are more effective than role power. Jerel has also delivered lectures to Fundan University MBA program, JiaoTong University's MBA-C program, and made presentations to business audiences around the world.




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