Employer Value Proposition Basics Series

What does EVP mean?

It means Employer Value Proposition, and it represents the organization’s intangible reputation, and workplace climate dynamics. In a nutshell, it is the core attractions of why people want to accept your employment offer.

Corralling Chaos is pleased to launch our first video series on EVP featuring Jerel Bonner, Managing Partner of Corralling Chaos.

The EVP Series


  Episode #1 What is EVP?


 Episode #2 Why Focus on Employer Branding 2.0?


 Episode #3 Digital tools and the Talent Bench?


 Episode #4 HR’s New Focus in Today’s New World


 Episode #5 The Talent Bench as an Alternative?


 Episode # 6 What is the New HR Role?

Episode #7 How to build a Talent Bench.


 Episode #8 Help from Digital Tools.


 Episode #9 The Importance of a Talent Bench

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