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Managing Partner Ted Benson gives you a fast, fun management insight to help you build authentic leadership and high-performing teams. Each real-world tip is somehow connected to the real (or sorta-real) location for that episode. These videos premiere on LinkedIn, and then are archived here for your convenience, enjoyment, and edification!


Where’s Ted Today?  Season 1


  Episode #1   At The Beach: Intentional Culture


 Episode #2   ‘Hamilton’: Plan For The Unexpected


 Episode #3   ‘Toy Story’: Team Strength through Diversity


 Episode #4   The DEATH STAR: Bad Bosses


 Episode #5   Lugano: Your Unique Market Advantage is People


 Episode # 6   The Bridge of the Starship Enterprise: Purpose and Mission


Episode #7   The Eiffel Tower: Communications


 Episode #8   The ‘Back To The Future’ DeLorean: Time Management


 Episode #9   Minecraft: Deliberate Culture Creation


 Episode #10   ‘Monsters, Incorporated’: Fun > Fear


 Episode #11   ‘The Breakfast Club’: Know Your People


 Episode #12   Santa’s Workshop: Build Trust Every Day