Our Services

End-to-End Solutions

We solve your problems. We assess our client’s situation and then use team-based coaching and workshops. We engage people, unleash their abilities, and help them measurably improve culture and productivity.

Advising and Coaching

We listen. For short-term problems, our advisors offer practical, actionable advice. For complex or long-term issues, we collaborate with clients to seek root causes and address those effectively. Our coaches use incisive questions and non-judgmental listening to help our clients craft well-formed outcomes and stay accountable to themselves.


We help your people. We facilitate group sessions for your workplace based on our extensive experience providing practical solutions. These include:

  • Scouting “A” Players Who are Game-Changers
  • Exceptional Service to Deliver Value
  • The Six Competencies of Business Success
  • The FORGE of Creative Problem-Solving
  • Reading Human Emotions
  • Strong Relationships for Effective Collaboration
  • Clarifying Others’ Perspectives For Agreement
  • Aligning Personalities for One Goal
  • The 3R’s of Business: Relationships & Recognition = Retention

Our “Realizing Human Potential Methodology”


Exploring:  Situational awareness interviews with key client stakeholders


Targeting:  Intentionally design solutions to align intangibles to program goals and P&L 


Activating:  Launch project, promote objectives, establish participant viewpoints


Experiential Training:  Deliver blended learning via 1:1 coaching and group workshops


Reporting:  Participants present their learning & improved outcomes to key stakeholders



Our methodology is consistent with the “Kirkpatrick Model” for evaluating the effectiveness of learning solutions, including participants’ self-assessments of their own progress.

Corralling Chaos