Corralling Chaos


to Jerel Bonner & Ted Benson of Corralling Chaos for helping, supporting, and cajoling us as a team to define and start owning our culture. Our new provocative tag line is a powerful “by-product” of their continuing consulting engagement with us. It inspires us, aligns us, and sets a high standard for what we do and how we do it. As importantly, it encapsulates the founding mission of our agency – creating certainty and hope, except that it takes us even further to define who we are being for our caregivers, our clients, our partners, and the community… Jerel and Ted’s game changing work is best appreciated through the outcome they achieved for us; THANK YOU Corralling Chaos!

Sanjay Das - President

Pleased to provide an enthusiastic recommendation

of Corralling Chaos! They reached out during our remote work efforts for COVID-19 and offered a training series for our managers to help us all become more adept at remote management. Their virtual training sessions were interactive and engaging. All of our leaders provided positive feedback regarding their knowledge and expertise regarding the content, as well as their enthusiastic training style. I personally have been very grateful to have another partner to assist us in learning and development for our organization and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future!

Sabrina Osborne
Executive Vice President, Business Strategy & People Humacyte

Ted Benson

What a dynamic presentation…

Ted gave to our group! His session was high energy, interactive, and packed full of useful insights on how to create meaningful conversations during the interview process. Several of our attendees told me that Ted’s was one of the best presentations they had ever seen. I highly recommend Ted to anyone considering his services – his knowledge, experience, sense of humor, and charisma make him a truly stand-out performer.

Carrie Christiano, Career Transitions Consultant

Ted presented…

an inspiring, dynamic, and very informative presentation on how to create and add value with my present skills, including my ability to solve problems. He also offered recommendations on how to leverage my skills in today’s volatile job market, and the importance of developing an agile mindset in order to maintain a competitive edge.

Bonita Head, Information Technology Security Analyst
Kramden Institute

Ted’s keen listening…

and analytical skills gives him the ability to quickly hone in on the crux of an issue, thus providing clarity to the most complex situations. His guidance and actionable advice have provided tremendous value in my professional growth and success and made me a more effective manager, team player and leader.

Stephanie Cain, Operations Manager
Whitsell Innovations

Ted is what I believe to be the gold standard…

for what a leader in the pharmaceutical industry should be. His vast knowledge of scientific and industry practices is only surpassed by his strong rapport with his colleagues.  There isn’t enough space to fully write a recommendation which would do all of his attributes justice, so I strongly recommend that you reach out to him and schedule a meeting – you will not regret it.

Joshua Marra, Continuous Improvement Manufacturing Investigator

Ted is a talented professional…

and a real pleasure to work worth.  As is clear through this resume, he is an accomplished scientist.  However, what differentiates Ted from others is his seemingly unlimited energy and passion for people.  He has a unique way of connecting with the individuals around him and quickly understanding their motivations and challenges.

I was fortunate to witness this firsthand as the strategic business lead of a people/talent focused initiative at a major pharmaceutical company.  Ted took the time to listen and learn the needs of the organization and then translate those needs into tangible policies or practices.  Ultimately, what impressed me most was his enthusiasm, perseverance and genuine commitment to the team.  To this day, he remains an inspiration to me.

Devon Allen, Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs
Merz North America

Jerel Bonner

Jerel spots trends…

and opportunities long before they emerge or are clear to others. He is a student of the world in the truest sense of the word. A conversation with Jerel will always yield a new insight from his insatiable curiosity met with a voracious capacity for information consumption that affords a depth and breadth of raw data from which he connect dots not seen by many others.

Jerel is a key global thought leader that you want by your side as a consultant or advisor or one you want in your learning network.

Heather E. McGowan

Jerel just completed…

a highly engaging LI learning session with my Shared Services Team in Manila. The team were completely buzzed and energized after the session and not only did Jerel improve skills but also morale.

Anne-Marie McCaughan APAC Staffing Head

When I started to find cracks…

in the cohesiveness of my team, I knew that I needed to work with Jerel on a program that would teach my team how to work together and how to identify what really brought value to themselves and the company. My instincts proved to be correct.

We were able to build a company culture that had input from all parts of the organization. As a result, everyone bought into this culture because they were part of making it, discussing it, and finally coming to a consensus that it was correct.

I am very pleased with the outcome of the training and I look forward to next year when we bring Jerel back to continue our development.

Scott C. Taylor General Manager
Ozonia Environmental Technologies

Jerel’s ‘one on one’ coaching style…

was direct enough to get the team to develop, yet flexible to allow each employee to focus on areas of interest to them. This allowed everyone to improve at their own speed, while improving the entire team at the same time.

Jerel brought many great ideas to the table as we established this employee development program and he has been they key driver to ensure a successful implementation. It’s clear that Jerel is highly committed to the success of each team member in the program and we are extremely grateful for his contributions.

Keith Stewart Asia IT Application Support Manager
Celanese 2009 - 2010

Jerel is passionate about

both his volunteer work and his career as an executive consultant. Jerel leverages his diverse set of professional skills and experiences, along with his extensive network, to add value to the organizations he becomes involved with. His self-motivation, tenacity, and desire to make a difference are helping the American Red Cross SAVE lives!

Vicki Labelle - Executive Director