About Us


We help our clients increase profits by realizing human potential and optimizing total cost of workforce. We equip teams with practical processes to fix problems through continuous learning and self-assessments. This applied learning agility is the gateway to building healthy communities and sustaining success. We help our clients:

  • Align culture and behavior to P&L 
  • Increase productivity & retention
  • Develop emerging leaders
The Corralling CHAOS Promise

We guide senior management teams to boost:



Founders & Managing Partners

Ted Benson is a biotechnology and management consultant with 20 years of experience turning scientific ideas into biopharma growth and revenue. He successfully led a worldwide strategy team for cultural transformation at a global Fortune 500 company. Ted closed over $3 million in contracts by driving business development, and built & managed innovation groups across international companies. He co-authored over a dozen peer-reviewed scientific papers, and co-invented four patents. An innovator at three biotech start-ups and three large pharma companies, Ted is a proven problem-solver who coaches people to deliver business-critical solutions.



Jerel Bonner is the author of “Sharpening China’s Talent” and a TEDx speaker. He is a ‘human behavior awareness’ consultant, advising and coaching senior level executives. Jerel has a keen eye for observing human behavior patterns, and a solid foundation of how those actions impress those they are working with. He helps others confront reality, so that they can learn how to reach their full potential. Jerel has over 1500 hours of coaching experience, built on the foundational conviction that relationship and expertise power are more effective than role power. Prior to starting Corralling Chaos, he was an executive coach supporting multinational corporations in China for 14 years. Jerel has also delivered lectures to the Fundan University MBA program, the JiaoTong University’s MBA-C program, and has made business presentations to audiences around the world.