Jerel Bonner is wonderful to work with!

He has a tremendous ability to help you see the true best in your career, highlight this for you and help you showcase this to an employer. Above and beyond this, Jerel helped me really narrow my focus on where my passion lies for employment and empowered me to find it. I would recommend Jerel […]

Jerel is passionate about

both his volunteer work and his career as an executive consultant. Jerel leverages his diverse set of professional skills and experiences, along with his extensive network, to add value to the organizations he becomes involved with. His self-motivation, tenacity, and desire to make a difference are helping the American Red Cross SAVE lives!

When I started to find cracks…

in the cohesiveness of my team, I knew that I needed to work with Jerel on a program that would teach my team how to work together and how to identify what really brought value to themselves and the company. My instincts proved to be correct. We were able to build a company culture that […]

Jerel just completed…

a highly engaging LI learning session with my Shared Services Team in Manila. The team were completely buzzed and energized after the session and not only did Jerel improve skills but also morale.

Jerel spots trends…

and opportunities long before they emerge or are clear to others. He is a student of the world in the truest sense of the word. A conversation with Jerel will always yield a new insight from his insatiable curiosity met with a voracious capacity for information consumption that affords a depth and breadth of raw […]

Corralling Chaos